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We value all of our volunteers here at Dunollie Museum, Castle and Grounds as they are the driving force behind our success.  

Dunollie currently have around 60 volunteers to date - 30 of which visit on a regular basis from all ages and skill sets. 

Volunteers are able demonstrate and learn new skills, make friends and build confidence.


Here are some of the projects our volunteers have been working on:


 Threads and Yarns: This group encourages keen craft/ textile enthusiasts to get together andIsobel.jpg share their sewing skills and talent with each other. Threads and Yarns currently hand make items which can be purchased within the Old Draper's Gift Shop. We welcome any ability - from those who have never sewn before through to those who have had years of practise!


Curatorial Group: The curatorial team are responsible for the safe care of the objects within Dunollie's Collections. This can range from delicate object handling to ensuring correct conditions are maintained within the object stores.


 IMG_1110.JPGThe Archive Group: The dedicated archive team carefully catalogue and record all of the  written documentation at Dunollie - an important role in which great
 care is taken. It is unusual for museums to allow volunteers to handle such documentation,  however Dunollie feels these skills can be valuable for individuals with a keen interest within the area. 


    The Weaving Project: The weaving team at Dunollie are based within the Weaving Cottage and are working towards  reconstructing a loom from the Hope MacDougall Collection - with the main goal of weaving materials in house. The group  provide demonstrations to museum visitors as well as participate within Fasanta Festival of Textiles and Fashion held in November. 


The Exhibition Team: A group of 6 volunteers have been working as part of a training exercise to produce the ‘Mirror of History’ exhibition which is new for the 2015 season. The team have been responsible for every aspect of putting together the exhibition including choosing the objects, recording movement, arranging displays as well as creating descriptive text and panels for the Mary_and_Ali_Pond.jpgexhibition.


Gardening Group: Dunollie has a range of exciting woodlands and wonderful gardens with various opportunities for budding gardeners and other practical activities. These include the weeding of invasive species (such as Indian Balsam and Sycamore), tree thinning, shredding, path maintenance, terrace upkeep and much more.