Dunollie's 2020 Vision 

The MacDougall of Dunollie Preservation Trust is working on a plan to enhance Dunollie Museum, Castle & Grounds by transforming the beautiful early 19th agricultural steadings which can be found at the foot of Dunollie Castle Path. The aim of this project is to provide long term sustainability for Dunollie's heritage resources. 

This exciting redevelopment is likely to take around 3-4 years to complete, with an anticipated budget of around £6.1m.

Two main elements will comprise the restoration: 

The Barn

A custom-built museum store will be added to the rear of this building, allowing safe storage and conservation of Dunollie's important museum collections in a controlled environment. 

The old barn itself will be converted into offices, learning and meeting spaces to be used by staff, volunteers, students and visitors to Dunollie. 

The Carriage House, Long Barn and Calf House 

Building on the success of our Kettle Garden Café and Museum Gift Shop, these buildings will become home to an indoor café/ delicatessen area and expand the Drapers Shop.


In addition, the Trust will create a new heritage crafts workshop and gallery where volunteers, researchers and learners will explore our local heritage crafts, learning, passing on and displaying traditional skills, many of which are in danger of being lost. 

Through our 2020 Vision, we can continue to enhance our visitor experience as well as improve the vital care of our heritage collections. 

The project will also provide much needed indoor space for our Dunollie Links Community Programme, supporting and expanding the learning opportunities and activities which already take place at Dunollie Museum, Castle and Grounds.