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Some poems state Bruce kills all the MacDougall's and makes his courageous escape where none of Lame John's men dare to follow... but the Clan remember things differently.

One tale tells how 'the Brooch which that day beamed upon the breast of the Scottish Monarch remained a trophy in the hands of  its victors'.

Of Robert the Bruce's many desperate encounters this ranked high, Dalrigh and Methven transformed him from a new king with a functioning army to a small band of fugitives on the run across Ranoch Moor, and their weaponry supposedly pitched into a small loch near Dalrigh to lighten the escape.

During this fight, Robert the Bruce is supposed to have rewarded the MacAllister's in Kintyre with the gift of a charmstone for arranging boats across to Arran: this has become the Ugadale Brooch.

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