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Local Produce

We are proud to use local produce and local suppliers in our café, and in 2017 we were recognised with a "Taste Our Best" quality assurance award from Visit Scotland. 

The "Taste Our Best" award demonstrates that we use quality fresh seasonal produce of Scottish provenance within our dishes. Our food miles are kept to a minimum by using the best local products. We are able to provide you with information on where your food has come from by our friendly staff team and at least 40% of the Scottish produce will be highlighted on your menu. 

Products we use include:

The Kettle Cafe.jpg
Oban chocolate co. logo large.jpg

The Kettle Homemade, Jam


Oban Chocolate Company 

Hot Chocolate


Chrystal's Shortbread

Isle of Mull backery.png

Island Bakery Biscuits


Argyll Eggs

Isle of Arran Dairies Ice Cream .jpg

Isle Of Arran Ice Cream

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