Castle Conservation 

The Story So Far...


Dunollie Castle is the principle scheduled ancient monument for Oban revealing information about medieval royal sites in Scotland and the populating of the West Coast by Gaelic peoples. It is easy to see how this position once provided a strategic vantage point for the Kings of Dalriada and the Lords of Lorn.

Consolidation works began in Spring 2014 and have cost £342, 000 to date. 

In 2013, the castle had to be closed because it had become a danger to the public with active masonry collapse and falling stones. 

We are now fundraising for a third phase which we hope to complete in spring 2019. This will complete the consolidation by securing the integrity of the ruin and allowing public access up to the first floor. 


Programme of Consolidation 

Phase I: Completed Spring 2014     £100,000

Made the site safe for visitors to get up close to the castle by installing safety fencing around vulnerable areas and stabilising the wall head to stop further deterioration and falling stones. 

Phase II: Completed Spring 2016    £242,000

Repair and consolidation of the South East and South West walls which enabled the safety fencing to be removed and the vaulted cellar made accessible. 


Taking Our Castle To Another Level - Our Next Target

Phase III: Planned Spring 2019     £230,000

Consolidation of the North East and North West Walls plus internal first floor. Removal of ivy from the residual curtain wall and consolidation of upstanding remaining stones.


Completion of Phase III will allow visitors access up the original stone stairs into what was the common hall; likely to have been a general living space and kitchen. Consolidation of the NE and NW wall will stabilise the monument. 

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