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   1745 House Museum 


  The 1745 House was the first home of the chiefs of the clan MacDougall, built when the family left DSC00640.JPGthe castle. Once the North Wing and later the Admirals House (The Main House) were constructed the 1745 House became the Servants Quarters

The 1745 House Museum (Old Lairds House) is now open for visitors to explore the history of the family and rural life through objects from the Clan and Hope MacDougall Collections. 





NEW 2015: 'Mirror of History' Exhibition Hope MacDougall and her collection 

       Dunollie is delighted to host the brand new 'Mirror of History' Hope MacDougall and Her Collection  exhibition of the 2015    season. The exhibition is based on Hope MacDougall - daughter, sister and aunt of  the chiefs of the Clan MacDougall.

       Hope started her collection with a single wooden spoon in the 1950's and amassed around 5,000 objects  before her death in  1998.

        The collection is of National significance. It covers the working and domestic lives of the Highlands and  Islands, especially  Argyll along with comparative material from all over the world.    




 The new exhibition has been solely created by a group of 6 Dunollie Volunteers as an Exhibition Team Training Project. 

The team have researched the objects, assembled and documented the creation of the exhibition for all of our visitors to enjoy. 


"The first idea of assembling the exhibition seemed a mammoth task.

Although sometimes it has been challenging, the training has allowed us to develop our range of skills  

as well as learn tricks of the trade as to how these exhibitions are created, through hands on experience. 

Its been great getting into the stores and getting our hands dirty"

                          Jane and Judy, Exhibiton Team 


The new exhibition will be on display in the 1745 House Museum from 3rd April 2015.