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Dunollie Museum, Castle and Grounds is based on an historic site. The buildings are listed and the castle and surrounding grounds are classified as a scheduled monument, protected by Historic Environment Scotland.

This restricts to what extent access can be improved for visitors with mobility issues.

Often we cannot dig up grounds to lay barriers where we would like to or widen doorways to create more space. However, we are committed to improving access wherever possible and are always looking for ways we can improve the site for all to enjoy.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility, please feel free to get in touch via or               call 01631 570550 to speak to a member of the team.

Carer Entry

 We offer free entry to companions or carers of disabled visitors. Please let us know at reception if you require a free ticket. 

Disabled Parking


We ask that all visitors report to reception via the main visitor carpark on arrival. This will help us to provide you with any further information you may need to make the most out of your visit.

If required, visitors will be directed towards the disabled parking area. This is situated away from the main visitor car park on a level access point with easy access to the 1745 House Museum, café and shop.

If visitors require immediate assistance on arrival, please contact the reception booth directly on 01631 570625.



Areas of Access Around Dunollie


The Castle site was chosen because of its strategic position. Historically the only access point has been a steep path on one side. As a result, the castle was very easy to defend from enemies.

Today, the path is still our only access to the historic ruin and requires a reasonable level of fitness.

It is not suitable for wheelchair users. Please do not attempt to access the castle in a wheelchair as the descent will be particularly dangerous.

Guided Tours

Tours run for approximately 1 hour. The first half of the tour starts on level ground at the 1745 House Museum.

The second half of the tour leads visitors up to the castle.


Those who are unable to reach the castle should feel welcome to join in with the first half of the tour.

1745 House Museum

The entrance to the museum is 83 cm wide. The ground floor is accessible by wheelchair.

There is a staircase to the first floor which has a handrail on both sides.

The disabled toilet can be found on the ground floor.

Draper's Shop & Weaving Shed

The Draper's Shop and Weaving Shed are situated in what is thought to be the oldest part of Dunollie House, dating back to around 1617.

The doorway to the gift shop is 76 cm wide with a small step on entry. The flooring is made up from old stone slabs and is uneven.

The doorway to the Weaving Shed is 83 cm wide with uneven flooring but no step.

Kettle Garden Cafe

The Kettle has outdoor seating only.


There are a number of picnic benches underneath gazebo coverings.


Please ask of you require a highchair.

The Willow Garden

The Willow Garden can be accessed on a level path from the disabled parking area.

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