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Meet the Team

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Emma Sutcliffe - General Manager

Emma has been a part of the Dunollie team since June 2021. As General Manager Emma advises and supports the rest of the team to ensure the smooth running of each department. Emma works closely with the Board of Trustees to realise the strategic vision for the site and is also responsible for all funding applications and budget management.

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Vikki Robertson -  Visitor Services Manager

Vikki has been a part of the team for almost 5 years and is extremely creative when it comes to new ideas for events and activities! Vikki is responsible for all site visits, from general visits and children's workshops, to venue hire for birthday parties and weddings. During our open season Vikki also manages the front of house team who work in the Kettle Garden Café and Reception.

Jamie MacGregor - Heritage Engagement Officer

Jamie has been a part of our team since January 2021 and is responsible for Dunollie Links, our community engagement programme which includes visiting school groups. In addition, Jamie plays an active role in looking after the 1745 House Museum and Archives. During the open season, Jamie also delivers Guided Tours to our visitors. Jamie is a talented piper with over 14 years experience, he is occasionally persuaded to play at some of our events. 

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Florence Medard - Communications Coordinator

Florence has been a part of the Dunollie team since June 2021 and works with the rest of the team to create digital content. Florence is responsible for updating and managing Dunollie’s website, as well as all social media channels. Florence also looks after signage onsite and anything else related to marketing and advertising, which can range from arranging filming, to writing press releases.


Kylie Yap - Retail Officer

Kylie has been a part of the team at Dunollie for almost 5 years, first working in front of house during our open season and then becoming fully responsible for The Draper's Shop in August 2020. Kylie handles The Draper's Shop website and puts a lot energy into thinking of new ways to collaborate with local makers in order to develop and launch new products each year. 

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Ann MacLean - Office Manager

Ann has been a part of the Dunollie team for nearly 5 years and works tirelessly behind the scenes on anything and everything office related. This ranges from making sure the accounts are in order and wages paid on time, to reporting on Grant Applications and acting as the Secretary to the Board of Trustees. Ann is an indispensable part of the team, and is essential to the smooth running of Dunollie.

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Lomond Robertson- Team Leader and Morale Officer

Although he is just two and half years old, Lomond has been a member of the team for a while. His main responsibilities are keeping the team motivated and entertained.  Some of his other areas of expertise include running, finding sticks, catching his ball and eating scones from The Kettle Garden Café. 

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