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Document of the Month

Dunollie Museum, Castle & Grounds is home to a valuable archive collection with over thousands of documents, some dating as far back as the 14th century. 

Approximately every month, members of Dunollie's Volunteer Archive Group pick out a document they have uncovered and transcribe it so that it's content can be preserved digitally and shared with people all across the world.

December 2021:

document of the month 1 shipwreck.jpg

April 2022:

Young piper being suggested for dunollie (2).jpg

June 2022:

Egg letter document of the month.jpg

November 2022:

Dunollie garden party picture 1.jpg

March 2023

1906 clan gathering (3).jpg

February 2022:

Packmans list - picture from rent book (2).jpg

May 2022:

Document of the month photo llamas (3).jpg

August 2022:

august document of the month letter 1.jpg

January 2023


April 2023

Letter from King James II (7th) (2).jpg

June 2023

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