Miss West

Miss West is electively mute and is especially reserved in social situations. She will very rarely use language unprompted and so communication can be difficult. This is by no means a reflection of her interest in her surroundings, and once given a pencil and a piece of paper her talents instantly become clear.

Aware of Miss West's skill as a draftswoman, she was given a set of 4 irons to study from the Hope MacDougall collection. Based on Hope’s analytical drawings, she studied the irons and made a set of extremely detailed works displaying the differences in style and wear

Miss West is a perfect example of how community engagement can benefit both the individual as well as Dunollie. The drawings that she has produced for us will be used as records of the items and also contribute to the visual content of our new guidebook.

Miss West has had the opportunity to develop her skills in an area that is of genuine interest to her, and has been able to work completely independently without the assistance of her support worker.


Inspired by her time at Dunollie, Miss West has spent time at home independently researching aspects of historical life that interest her, for example, experimenting with writing with a quill.

It has been especially rewarding to see her confidence grow as the programme has progressed.