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Dunollie's Mythical Creatures QR Trail

From Faeries to Kelpies - Discover local folklore & mythical creatures hidden in Dunollie's Enchanting Woodland Grounds.


For an additional £3 per child (3-14 years)

get a Treasure Map, Sticker Sheet, and Prize!



This project is part of the Dunollie GLAD plan

which was made possible by the

National Heritage Lottery Fund

Dunollie's First ever Family QR Trail is ready!

Explore Dunollie's Magical Woodland Grounds and the surrounding landscape and learn all about local folklore. Look at the Trail Map to find out about where best to spot the mysterious creatures living in Dunollie's Enchanting Woodland Grounds and the surrounding landscape.


Scan the QR codes at each of the 10 Trail Points to meet each creature and match your stickers with your Trail Map. Once you have found all Dunollie’s mythical creatures, show your completed map to our receptionist and collect your prize! 

This QR Trail was developed as part of the GLAD project, aiming to showcase Dunollie's Grounds and surrounding landscape.

We collaborated with local illustrator Ruth Slater, who created the beautiful illustrations of the Mythical Creatures you'll find along the trail.

The engraved wooden QR signs were expertly made by Simon of Seahorse Crafts based on the Isle of Lismore. 

To experience the Mythical Creatures QR Trail please note the following:

  • You must have a smart phone with QR code scanner. Just open your phone’s camera and scan the sign or use a QR scanning app from the drop-down menu on your phone.

  • You can connect to the free Dunollie Guest Wi-Fi network or use your own 3G/4G network connection.

  • You can scan and discover each Trail Point in any order, there is no beginning or end to the trail.

  • Each Trail Point is located within Dunollie Museum, Castle and Grounds' outdoor areas: along pathways, at the entrance gate and in other accessible spaces. There are no QR codes hidden from sight, in the parking area, or outwith the grounds.­ Some of these point may be located on steeper path and therefore part of this trail is not accessible to people with mobility issues.

  • As this is an outdoors activity please make sure to dress appropriately bring warm and waterproof clothing if necessary.


We hope you enjoy this QR Trail through Dunollie’s Magical Woodland Grounds as much as we do!

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