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Online Events Programme

Welcome to our Online Events page, where you will find out more about what kind of events we are planning and when! We will keep updating this page throughout the year as our plans take shape so keep an eye out for any changes. 

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Clann Dubhghaill: thoughts on the MacDougalls in the later Middle Ages

Saturday 22nd October 2022 at 3.00p.m. (UTC+1)

Meet our Guest Speaker, Dr Martin MacGregor, senior lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Glasgow who will be giving a talk about Clan MacDougall and the late medieval Western Highlands.

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Bagpiping Recital with Jamie MacGregor

Monday 7th November at 5.00p.m. (UTC+1)

Tune in for an informal Bagpipe recital by Jamie MacGregor. Jamie will play a few of his favourite tunes and chat about the history of piping at Dunollie and in Scotland generally as well as his experience learning to play the pipes in Oban. Participants are also encouraged to ask questions throughout the performance. 

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Dive into our Archives

November 2022, exact date TBC

Follow one of our volunteer archivists into Dunollie's archive and explore a wonderful part of our collection usually closed to the public. 

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The Dunollie Stores: behind-the-scenes

Saturday 18th February 2023 at 12p.m. GMT

Follow our Tour Guide Flora MacLeod Swietlicki for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. Only very few objects out of the 10 000 in our museum’s collection are on display at any given time. The rest are kept in safe, controlled environment to help preserve them for longer. Unfortunately, this means we can’t allow visitors to see them – unless – it’s on zoom!

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